Smart Repair and Detailing

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We know you take pride in your car. At times there are plenty of people out there who claim they can work miracles on your car just to leave you disappointed. At Smart Repair and Detailing we guarantee quality as a standard. We are professional in our work and we use state of the art equipment to carry out these repairs. Our slogan is “We have no competition where quality counts” simply because it is the truth. Our workshop is approved by all major insurance companies in Botswana.

Our Services Include:

  • Full Resprays
  • Customized Painting
  • Bumper, Bonnet, Door, Fender Repairs
  • Wheel Repairs
  • Re-dye Leather Interior
  • Dashboard Repairs
  • Windscreen Repair/Replacement
  • Stone Chips
  • Dent Removal
  • Scuff repairs
  • Headlight Restoration/Renewal
  • Polish, Glazing, Valets
  • Plastic Repair
  • Under Carriage Renewal

We can do anything


ecostyle_tintWith only a small amount of water, we can deliver top quality cleaning and a showroom perfect shine, quickly and effectively. That means no mess, NO waste water and NO chemical run-off. What you get is an eco-friendly professional detailing service that stays on for long. Our Eco-Friendly Car Wash service is designed to not only help your vehicle look its very best, but also to help you contribute to saving the environment.

Included in the car wash are the following:

  • Exterior hand car wash/dry
  • Steam clean Windows inside / out
  • Steam clean & shine rims
  • Steam clean & shine wheels
  • Perform Tire dressing
  • Clean and dress Interior
  • And Vacuum interior & deodorize.

**Extra charges for excessive dirt, tar, or heavily soiled vehicles

Advantages of Steam Cleaning Engines

  1. Safety. Steam cleaning significantly reduces the incidence of accidents brought about by engine fire.
  2. Longevity. It can extend the overall life of the car engine. A clean and well-maintained engine is safe from rusting and clogging which may affect and reduce the performance and longevity of an engine.
  3. Early detection. Through this process, the source of any type of fluid leaks can be identified. Most engine fires are attributed to unidentified leaks which could have been prevented through early detection. But how could the leaks be detected if the engine is covered with mud and grime?
  4. Beauty. It can improve the engine’s appearance and increase its resale value. Some people believe that cleaning a car’s engine is an attempt to mask its defects. We think otherwise. A clean car engine sends this message: this car is well-maintained, loved and protected, so it will be beautiful and functional for a longer period of time.
This is how the steam car wash is done