Bosch Service

Our Service department will not let you down

boschservice Bosch Car Service is one of the largest independent workshop chains worldwide. As an autonomous brand of the leading automotive supplier Bosch we are always up-to-date. BB Motors Car Service is your professional partner around your car. Our expert mechanics handle maintenance and repair for all vehicle brands. You can benefit from our unique competence and outstanding quality at fair prices, for everything your car needs!

When looking for a garage to maintain or repair your car, you have many choices.  There’s the new car dealership, your repair shop and many independent workshops even the guy under the tree or in front of a car parts shop.  With all of those choices, why bring your vehicle to BB Motors?

BB Motors is the very best of independently owned Bosch Service Centres in the country. We believe that since quality repairs begin with quality parts, through synergy with our parts shop, our workshop features the best-branded replacement parts from various leading brands.

Think of our workshop and its services as a stress reliever for your vehicle, your family and yourself. Bring your vehicle to BB Motors and experience the best technical repairs and customer service around.

What we offer

  • Full service for Petrol and Diesel cars of all makes
  • All work performed by trained technicians
  • Diagnosis of vehicle electronics with advanced Computerized testing technology
  • Affordable prices

Our Services

  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Diagnosis of vehicle electronics
  • Mechanical repair
  • Brake service

Maintenance and Inspection

Affordable quality service and parts.

  • Regular vehicle inspections and oil change
  • Seasonal checks (summer, winter, holiday)
  • General wear and tear repair diagnosis

Diagnosis of vehicle electronics

Quick fault finding with latest computerized testing technology.

Diagnosis and repair of

  • Vehicle electrics and electronics
  • Battery charging systems
  • Starting and ignition systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Battery service

Mechanical repair

Trained professionals who always know what they are doing

  • Repair and replace parts from the clutch or exhaust system up to the wheel bearing
  • Motor check and repair of engine cooling systems
  • Exchange of engine parts such as water pumps or intake elements

Brake service

Professional brake repair you can trust.

  • Replace parts of wear and tear such as brake pads and discs
  • Maintenance and repair of mechanical and hydraulic brake systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of ABS/ASR/ESP including components
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